8 Kitchen Amenities You’ll Really Wish You Had

Having an outstanding kitchen is not just about having granite countertops or this year’s latest appliances, its ultimately about functionality. The kitchen is many things, but at the end of the day if its not an easy space to navigate how should you expect to prepare your best meals there, let alone whip up mac & cheese for a group of hungry kids? It’s important that your kitchen not only be a reflection of your style but it also has to work for you too. Does your kitchen work for you? Here’s some great ideas that should get your creative juices flowing.

A drawer for the food wrap. Most kitchen owners are familiar with the irritating, messy drawer of plastic bags, foil and plastic wrap. It seems impossible to keep tidy, and everything always seems to get stuck in the drawer. A food-wrap divider can simply slip inside an existing kitchen drawer. If you’re designing a new space, consider working with your cabinetry designer to get a custom version for one of your drawers.









A place for the rolling pins. Avid bakers will love having all of their rolling pins within reach. These horizontal slots take up no more than 6 inches of depth, making them easy to add to the end of any cabinet run. However, most do need to be custom designed, which adds to the cost.

Pedals to turn the water on and off. Turning on the faucet with messy hands can make an even bigger mess. Plumbing pedals, like the ones in this kitchen, can help confine the mess. Just like at the doctor’s office, you can use your foot to turn the sink on — hot water, cold water or both. Contact a local plumber to ask for an estimate — pedals can be added to existing sinks or new kitchen designs.

An under counter composting unit like this one means you can just wipe all of your food waste off the counters and into your bin before it goes out to the garden. Put one in your countertop where you do most of your prep work to make composting easy to remember and do.









A mixer garage. This surprising twist on the ordinary mixer shelf helps keep this appliance out of the way but easy to access. A tambour-style door lifts up, while the entire shelf pulls forward.


A mobile butcher block island. A built-in butcher block top makes prep easy — but some cooks prefer it out of sight when it’s not in use. A mobile prep cabinet like this can be pulled out when needed and pushed away when not.








A handy step stool. It’s always great to have a leg up for extra-high upper cabinetry, but where on earth should you store the step stool? An ultra thin model can slip right inside a discreet drawer. This homeowner managed to sneak one inside a toe kick. A specialized step stool drawer like this is offered by many cabinetry manufacturers — if you’re designing a new kitchen, don’t forget to ask about this feature.

A protected pet station. The kitchen tends to be the best place for feeding pets, but those metal bowls full of kibble and water always seem to get underfoot. A built-in feeding station keeps things tidy and out of the way. This pet food station has a drawer above each bowl for treats, medication or leashes.

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