Amazing Auto Bath Switches that Illuminate and Ventilate!

Panasonic Whisper-Control Condensation Sensor, FV-WCCS2-W:

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Panasonic Whisper-Control Condensation Sensor features Light (on/off Light) and Humidity Control.

The key to avoiding mold and mildew in the bathroom is an adequate ventilation system that will remove the condensation from the air after each shower or bath is taken. Panasonic has long been an industry leader as the producer of Whisper exhaust fans which feature the combination of superior CFM/Watt strength while producing an almost undetectable noise output. A great fan is a good start to heading off mildew growth and water marks on the bathroom walls but if the fan is not switched on then it really does you no good. Lets say for example that you do use the fan while you take your shower but the majority of people switch the fan off when they leave the room. Experts, however, recommend that you keep that bath fan running for at least 20 minutes after the shower is finished to properly clear the moisture still present in the air. Who has time for that? If you are on the go the last thing you can afford to do is stall while the fan does its job or even more wasteful would be to let the fan run all day.

Panasonic now has a solution for you with their Whisper-Control Condensation Sensors. These sensor switches act as the bath fan and light (on/off) switch. This sensor in the switch will automatically detect hot air and humidity and when it recognizes a certain level (you can preset based on the region you live in) the fan will turn on to clear the moisture in the air and then shut itself off. The switch has manual operation capability but the sensor will override the the fan shutoff if it detects a high level of moisture still present in the air which will ensure that your bathroom is properly ventilated. The switch is available in white and almond and will cost you around $60.00, which is small price to pay to ensure your bathroom doesn’t get overrun with moisture related problems. For more information visit

SnapRays Guidelight from SnapPower:

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SnapPower’s SnapRays Guidelight

SnapPower has a product that will change the way homeowners think about night lights with an all-in-one electrical cover plate that they call the SnapRays Guildelight. The SnapRays Guidelight features built-in LED’s that draw it’s power from the electrical contacts located on the backside of the cover. This cover plate installs in seconds and doesn’t take any additional wiring or batteries. This cover plate will allow you to keep both outlets available and the light sensor will automatically switch on when it detects low light in the room. The Guidelight is available in white, light almond, and ivory. They also offer plates in 2 styles, both Duplex and Decor. They are energy efficient as well, the maker claims that they will cost the homeowner less than 10 cents a year to operate and will last up to 25 years. To find out more about the SnapRays Guidelight visit

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