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Luxury Drains from California Faucets:

Bath Blog Remodel Contractor Zero Drain Lavatory Mill Creek Wa
Zero Drain is the first pop-down-style lavatory drain.

If you are planning to upgrade your shower or lavatory this year have a look at what’s being offered from California Faucets with their Luxury Drains. At the top of their product list this year is a new lavatory drain called the Zero Drain. Unlike the majority of sink drains in which the stopper sits above the sink basin, usually off center or half wilted, the one of a kind Zero Drain has a sleek profile that is flush with the base of the sink. To activate the Zero Drain to stop water there is no need to pull on a lift-rod, rather you simply push the stopper (with its piston design) downward into the drain. To unplug the drain another push of the finger will release the piston and the stopper will return back to it’s original position.

In the past, hair and gunk would wrap itself around the stopper and the lift-rod mechanism. Cleaning the line would nearly take the services of a plumber. With Zero Drain, cleaning the stopper will not be a hassle, simply pull up on the plug and the moveable stopper will lift out with ease so you can clean it without getting your tool box out of the garage. Speaking of tools, the installation is very simple as well. The drain is comprised of two, easy to install parts that cutout the need for a finicky lift-rod or any funky adapters. Matching your faucet is also a breeze, Zero Drain is available in 30 finishes.

If your new shower will have a center drain California Faucet has a great selection of heavy duty, forged brass drains they’ve dubbed the Style Drain. As you can tell from the picture (seen below), they have a fantastic selection of finishes (currently 30 models are offered) and designs to highlight your new shower while matching any surrounding hardware you desire. In addition to the decorative options there is a wide selection of rough-in connections depending on the setting specifications your shower requires. Their are no visible screws on any of the drains themselves but if you really want the drain to blend in with the tile check out the Style Drain Tile which allows the drain to virtually disappear into the floor. The drain cover comes ready to receive a matching piece of floor tile.

Blog Bathroom Contractor Best Shower Style Drain Tile
StyleDrain® is a decorative shower drain made from solid, forged brass and is available in 30 finishes.

One of the biggest design trends you’ll see today is the incorporation of the linear shower drain into bathroom remodels. California Faucets have your linear needs covered as well with their CeraLine Drains. Linear drains allow for easier shower pan construction because there is only 1 directional slope required for application as opposed to the 4 concave slopes required with traditional center drains. Linear drains prove to be a timesaver for the tile setter as well since the singular slope allows the use of large format floor tiles. The liner drain is an interracial detail in barrier-free showers and as Universal Design gains popularity in home renovations, more homeowners are opting for this drain design.

Blog Bath Mill Creek WA New Linear Shower Drain
CeraLine Custom Tile-In Drain blends nicely with shower pan tile.

The CeraLine Drain is great because of its numerous options: 3 trim lines and 6 finishes as well as a single or dual outlet drain attachment configuration. It’s patented adjustment system makes for a smooth installation every time, ensuring the finished drain height is flush with the tile. For those looking for the ultimate seamless drain, the CeraLine Custom Tile-In Drain will allow a matching floor tile to be set within the linear drain similar to the previously mentioned Style Drain Tile. CeraLine Drains are available in multiple lengths to fit your shower needs. To discover more cool innovations from California Faucets including their bathroom faucets, fixtures, trims, and accessories go to to see their full catalog and ordering details.

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