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Design Ideas for Small Kitchens

If you have a small kitchen, you know how important it is to make sure every inch of space is used to the best of its ability. That’s hard, however, when you are dealing with a kitchen that is outdated or has a poor layout. At Home Run Solutions, we are here to provide you […]

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Don’t Underestimate the Importance of: Licensed, Bonded, & Insured!

Video Transcript Hi everybody, this is Joe Reed with Home Run Solutions. Hey, just a quick tip to remind everybody these days as the remodeling industry is booming, and the market is good, many of you probably have had a difficult time getting a contractor to come out to your project and even take a […]

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Courtesy and Safety: Top of the List for Homeowners

Video Transcript Hey everybody. This is Joe Reed with Home Run Solutions. You probably heard me recommend before that when interviewing a perspective general contractor ask him for at least 15 references of past projects that are similar to yours. And, again, they may be a little floored by that, but it’s not a big […]

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Collecting Contractor References and What to Ask Them…

  Video Transcript Hey everybody, this is Joe Reed with Home Run Solutions. When you’re following up with prospective contractors’ referrals – the names that they give you as testimonials to their past projects – have a list of questions ready for those. Make sure that the list that you ask client A is the […]

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Let’s Have a Look at the 3 Bid Myth

Video Transcript Hey everybody, this Joe Reed with Home Run Solutions. I wanted to chat a little bit about the three bid myth. You’ve all probably heard this recommendation before, whether it was new flooring that you were looking for or a new roof, you heard the advice to call three contractors, have them come […]

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The Differences Between a Design/Build & General Contractor

Video Transcript Hi, this is Joe Reed from Home Run Solutions. Hey, here’s a question that we get asked quite often. “You guys are a design-build firm. Is that the same as a general contractor?” Well, yes and no. A design-build firm is a general contractor, however, not every general contractor is a design-build. A […]

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Why Association Memberships Matter in Remodeling Industries

Memberships and relationships with industry associations are important. They can help a consumer learn about what a company stands for because of the strength and reputation that the industry association has. In today’s video, you’ll learn about advice for using industry associations to find reputable residential contractors who place an emphasis on integrity and accountability. […]

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Mill Creek Remodeling Contractor Talks Schedule Importance

Video Transcript Hey everybody, Joe Reed here with Home Run Solutions. Hey, I want to talk a little bit today about construction schedule. Far too often people are so eager to get the project going and they focus on the start date. It’s really the end date that’s going to be the important one. You […]

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Mill Creek Remodeler Shows Why Written Systems Matter

Video Transcript Hi there. This is Joe Reed with Home Run Solutions. Hey, got a thought to keep in mind when interviewing a prospective remodeling contractor. I want you to ask them if they have any written installation procedures. Ask them if they have clean up daily logs that they fill out. The more systems […]

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Take a Close Look at The Gallery

When hiring a remodeling contractor, an important piece of advice is to take a look at the galleries available online. The company’s website is a great place to check, but you can also search for the company in Google where you’re likely to find their Google My Business profile with a collection of images, their […]

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