Don’t Underestimate the Importance of: Licensed, Bonded, & Insured!

Considering hiring a contractor for your remodel project? Don’t underestimate the importance of selecting one that’s: Licensed, Bonded, & Insured! This is a good starting point when you are doing your initial research. If you see discrepancies in your findings or if something seems off, simply add that to your list of questions you prepare when first interviewing that contractor. Joe Reed goes into some more considerations on the topic in the video below:

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Video Transcript

Hi everybody, this is Joe Reed with Home Run Solutions. Hey, just a quick tip to remind everybody these days as the remodeling industry is booming, and the market is good, many of you probably have had a difficult time getting a contractor to come out to your project and even take a look. There’s the temptation to hire someone that’s unlicensed, uninsured, and unbonded. You may get a reference from somebody who did a project down the road and seems like he does good work. Since he doesn’t have all the overhead, it’s gonna save you some money. Boy, you are really opening yourself up to a lot of liability and a lot of heartache if you go down that road.

First off, hiring someone who is unlicensed is not a good idea. If you don’t have a license, it just shows a level of lack of professionalism and that you tend to be more of the fly by night type of character. With the insurance, you’re gonna want to have someone who once they step foot on your job and in your house is insured basically for any damages that incur. Now, if there’s ever any dispute over the outcome of the project you have the option of going back for recourse by tapping their bond. So, licensed, bonded, and insured is a good idea for you. It’s good piece of mind, and it’s a good indicator that your project is gonna get off to the right start and finish the way you expect.

So just wanted to throw that one out there as a friendly reminder. If you have any other questions regarding a new project coming up, visit our website We’ve got a great downloadable resource. It’s an E-Book called ‘How to Hire a Contractor Without Contracting an Ulcer’. Lot of tips, checklists, and some good ideas to keep in mind when interviewing prospective contractors for your project. Best of luck. Thanks!

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