Budget Drives The Scope

Every home renovation is unique and therefore so is the cost. Accurately estimating your project will take time. We feel that it’s time well spent to develop a game plan for a successful remodel.

Please take a look at the figures below to gain an understanding of our project budget ranges. Keep in mind, these are simply estimates based on previous projects we’ve recently completed. Varying factors will determine overall costs including age of home, condition of utilities, and desired fixtures. We’ll be able to offer more specifics on your project during our initial discussions.

Kitchen Remodeling Costs Mill Creek WA
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Bathroom Remodeling Cost Mill Creek WA
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Facelifts Remodeling Costs Mill Creek WA
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Our Home Run Method

Learn more about the Design/Build Process we call Our Home Run Method.

New Construction & Home Additions

A large scale project from the ground up can be the best solution for getting the home you want, in the right location, especially if moving is not an option. These complex projects add another layer to the Design/Build Process. We can help you navigate the budget feasibility of such projects, so you can get the answers you need to make an informed decision.

For more budgeting insight, please view this helpful link: Remodeling: Cost vs. Value Report