Home Run Method

A Design Build Approach That Will Keep Your Project on Time, On Budget and Virtually Eliminates the Most Common Remodeling Headaches

A successful renovation starts with an emphasis on communication, respect and trust, standards that very few other companies can match.

We are proud to also provide you with a detailed preparation and installation procedures for all the types of projects we offer.

Our processes will allow you to compare each proposal on an apples-to-apples basis.

If a contractor doesn’t offer their process, we recommend that you ask them to provide it so you can make the comparison but please don’t share ours. Don’t be surprised if the contractor doesn’t have a written process. Most don’t.

If a contractor is unwilling to do that, you probably shouldn’t give them serious consideration.

We believe that our processes provide our clients with assurance that their project will be completed according to a detailed plan that will meet or exceed their expectations. The process starts with Our Home Run Method:

1. The Initial Call

During the initial call we will ask many questions to better understand your current project and how we are best able to serve your needs.  At the end of the call we will schedule a time for our initial site visit and project consultation as well as provide you with several resources our clients have found helpful when evaluating contractors.

Click to See One Very Helpful Resource

One resource you can download right now is our Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Guide. Even if your project is not kitchen or bathroom related this comprehensive remodeling guide is packed full of useful renovation tips, checklists, and insight that will prove to get your project started in the right direction.

Home Run Solutions was born out of a great passion for residential remodeling and a desire to create a company to better serve clients in the Puget Sound Region.  We treat your initial call not only as an opportunity for another remodeling job but also to develop a lasting relationship with another customer living in our surrounding communities such as Mill Creek, Edmonds, Mukilteo, Bellevue and Seattle.

2. Initial Site Visit & Project Consultation

During your Project Consultation we will review the material we previously provided and learn more about the space to be renovated.

It is during this meeting we like to dig deep to discover what you like and more importantly dislike about the current space, who will be using the renovated space and for what activities.

We’ll discuss the pros/cons of various materials, cabinet options, layout and floor plan options and answer any questions you may have about our company.

Next we will take detailed measurements of the space, investigate the current condition of structure and utilities serving it and finally discuss the costs of similar projects and how these match up with your target investment.

At the end of the project consultation we will schedule a time to get together again and review the design agreement.

3. Design Agreement

In assembling the design agreement we create an initial scope of work including any alternative options we may have discussed during the project consultation.

From this initial scope of work we assemble the initial estimated budget for your project.

The agreement also details the steps needed to move forward towards final proposal with our fixed price guarantee.

Once the design agreement is complete we meet again to discuss the details and answer any questions you may have regarding the initial scope and estimated budget.

Next comes the fun part!

4. Design/Selection Phase

During this phase we work with you to refine the scope of work and develop a complete set of job plans and specification detailing material selections and finishes.

We provide you with a selection binder which details the selections/choices needed and a list of local resources and showrooms.We also accompany you during your showroom visits to help guide your product selections and answer any questions you might have.

In addition you’ll be given access to our cloud based remodeling portal BuilderTrend. BuilderTrend is where all of the details of your project will reside prior to, during, and after your renovation is complete. You’ll have access to the schedule, all project related documents, material selections, photos, and more. All involved members of our team will also have access so that changes and updates can be made easily which helps to keep each phase of your project running smoothly, on time and on budget.

Another major step during this phase is coordinating with all the appropriate trade contractors to identify any potential issues as well as opportunities for cost savings.  For most projects this includes an onsite visit with at least our plumbing and electrical contractor.

This step is essential in ensuring a successful remodel.  The end result is a detailed scope of work outlining every step of the project from demolition to cabinet knobs which allows us to deliver a finished project on time, on budget and that matches your vision.

Lake Forest Park Kitchen Renovation was a great example of how the Home Run Method was the guide to each successful phase of the Renovation Process.

5. Construction Documents

With the design phase completed we meet again to review and sign the final proposal and answer any questions you might have.

Once the proposal is signed we will provide you with an estimated start date but more importantly an estimated completion date.

6. Pre-Construction Conference

One of the biggest complaints homeowners have about their remodeling contractor is poor communication about their project and that they don’t what’s going on.

Our Clients don’t have that problem.

Approximately 1 week before you project is set to commence we will schedule a meeting on site to review in detail your project.

We will review and discuss:

  • Work hours
  • Site access
  • Your project schedule
  • Review our dust/debris containment plan
  • Designate an area to be used for tool and material storage/staging.
  • You will also be introduced to the lead carpenter who will be responsible for the execution of your project.

He will also have your entire Project Binder which will include the schedule, budget, material selections, and contact information.

This is also a great time for any last minute questions or concerns. Rest assured, at the end of this meeting you will feel comfortable knowing what will be happening and when.

7. Construction

Once construction begins we work hard to communicate the progress of your project.

Prior to demolition we setup our BuildClean Dust Control Systems which eliminates up to 90% of airborne dust throughout your project.

We have a daily cleanup checklist in place to make sure that at the end of the day all tools and materials are stored in the staging area, any temporary plastic walls are removed, the job-site is broom swept and we have vacuumed our way out of your house.

No need to worry about tripping over a saw or cord when you are trying to see the daily progress on your new kitchen or bath.

At the end of the day our job site is still your family’s home and we work hard to minimize disruptions to your daily routine.

8. Final Walk Through / Your Workmanship Warranty

When your project is substantially completed and you’re ready to move back into the space we’ll conduct a thorough walk through of your project with you to ensure your complete satisfaction and to collect any final payment that is due.

Your project is backed by a 5 Year Warranty on our workmanship!

Most home remodeling contractors only offer a 1 year warranty on workmanship.

Add to that the fact that so many contractors come and go. A warranty does you no good if the company is out of business.

9. Post Construction

Once the project is done we don’t simply disappear.

We have a detailed 5 year follow up plan in place to make sure that years down the road your newly renovated home looks and works as great as the day we finished.

We encourage our clients to contact us for all of their home renovation/repair needs.

If it’s not a service we offer we can you refer you to one of our trusted trade partners. These are companies we would use for our own homes.

We’ve put together some answers to many common questions we hear from homeowners like you. Please visit our FAQ’s Page.

Process Testimonials

Diane, Snohomish WA – Professionalism / Clean Up

I would highly recommend Home Run Solutions, they were very courteous. I was most satisfied with Home Run Solutions because they were on time, friendly, and they always cleaned up after themselves and I did not have to deal with the dust

Erin, Mill Creek WA – Kitchen / Horror Story / Professionalism

Having worked with unscrupulous contractors in the past, we know remodels can be stressful. Not with HRS. From start to finish, our projects have been on time, on budget and remarkably smooth at each stage of the job.

Karla, Mill Creek WA – Bath / Estimate / Clean Up

Their work is impeccable and we are loving the finished product.

The project was right on target with the original estimate (actually, slightly lower) and there were no surprises along the way.

Doug & Kathleen, Lynnwood WA – Addition / Bath / Professionalism / Quality of Work

Home Run Solutions exceeded our expectations at every opportunity. We are most satisfied with the craftsmanship and quality demonstrated in our addition, and with the friendliness, courtesy, and professionalism of the entire Home Run Solutions staff. They ALWAYS went out of their way to do the best possible job with the least possible impact on our home and lives as they tore apart and then added onto our home.

Samantha, Wallingford WA – Estimate/Clean Up

Home Run Solutions built our dream kitchen! Their estimate was accurate and they kept the project on schedule.  I was also impressed with how Joe and his crew cleaned up each day before they went home.  Well done!

Kay, Snohomish WA – Professionalism, Communication

From setting up our appointment to our estimate and then throughout the work, they were very punctual and professional in all interactions.  We had a previous bid come in much higher. Jacob was meticulous about making sure we knew what was happening and that we were satisfied and he was flexible to our changing schedule. The work was complete on time and we are happy with the results.   I would recommend then to friends and family not to mention anyone else.

Adam & Kellie, Lake Forest Park WA – Service / Professionalism

We have had our fair share of questions, but you have been quick to respond which keeps things moving.

Most everyone I talk to about a renovation they have endured of similar scope only have stress and negative things to say. I have the exact opposite things to say. I couldn’t imagine things going more smoothly.

Todd, Snohomish WA – Professionalism

Very professional team, on time and courteous. They were here when they said they would be and thoroughly explained what they were doing and why. They were relentless to make sure the finished project was perfect, not just finished. Terrific communication throughout the project. I will use them again and have given their card to multiple friends.

Floyd & Janet, Edmonds WA – Professionalism / Communication / Detail

Our experience with Home Run Solutions was impressive in all aspects of the project: organization; assistance in decisions regarding design and materials; timeliness; work performed smoothly and efficiently while emphasizing the need for keeping the premises clean and orderly on a daily basis.

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