Lake Forest Park Kitchen Remodel

We recently completed a full scale Kitchen Remodel for our friends in Lake Forest Park, WA. We collaborated with our clients in the Pre-Construction Phase of the renovation which provided us with a “detailed road map” for completing the project and gave the homeowners the piece of mind that their dream kitchen was gonna be built to their specifications, within their budget.

Denali 3CM Neutino Boreaux Countertops Kitchen Remodel Renovation

Denali 3CM Neutino Boreaux Countertops, Contrasting Colored Cabinets, and Multiple Layers of Lighting Highlight the New Kitchen.


Our clients desired a larger, updated kitchen but that required the relocation of the existing laundry and powder room as well as removing a load bearing wall. See the Before Pictures Below:

We created some initial sketches that represented what the homeowners envisioned. When they agreed to go ahead with the Design Agreement we procured full scale plans which were used for permit submission, subcontractor estimations, material take-offs, and for our carpenters to use to build the New Kitchen.

We also go a step further to create 3D Renderings of what the finished kitchen will look like, complete with the exact building materials and fixtures that will be used in the remodel. This accurate portrait goes a long way to reassure the homeowner that they are indeed on the right course to attaining their dream kitchen.

The time invested during the Pre-Construction phase of the Lake Forest Park Kitchen Remodel paid off for both the homeowners and our crew. The project stayed on budget and was completed just as we outlined in the Job Schedule. This is what our happy homeowner had to say about their experience with Home Run Solutions:

“Jacob, Just wanted to send a quick email saying thank you for the amazing transformation that has taken place thus far. We have had our fair share of questions, but you have been quick to respond which keeps things moving. Most everyone I talk to about a renovation they have endured of similar scope only have stress and negative things to say. I have the exact opposite things to say. I couldn’t imagine things going more smoothly.” -Adam & Kellie

To see more photos (including Before, Progress, & Complete) of the Lake Forest Park Kitchen Remodel visit our Gallery. Read what our other satisfied clients from other local areas such Mill Creek, Edmonds, and Seattle have to say about their recent experiences with us.

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