“TempKi” A Shortstop Solution Service

TempKi ShortStop Solutions remodel kitchen cabinet counter appliance
The TempKi is a combination of cabinets on casters, a preformed counter and powerstrips.

Home Run Solutions is introducing a feature to our remodeling process that we believe will improve our homeowner’s renovation experience. The TempKi (or temporary kitchen) is part of our ShortStop Solution Service in which we provide as-needed use of our cabinets, counters, and appliances. These are conveniences that homeowners would typically be without for the duration of their remodel.

If you’ve endured a large scale remodel you probably also have a list of the most inconvenient aspects of this experience. Even if the renovation ended well and you’d consider doing it again, we know what a hassle remodeling can be. On the other hand, many of our clients have no remodeling experience so it’s no wonder that so many homeowners put off a much needed renovation. From the budget to the schedule; to the unknowns behind the wall and the the multitude of decisions: remodeling can be daunting.

TempKi ShortStop Solutions remodel kitchen cabinet contractor mill creek
A supply of essential linens.

Often overlooked, is the fact that the first step in a kitchen or bathroom remodel is the demolition phase in which you immediately loose the function of your amenities. In a kitchen remodel the best option to preparing meals often is a coin flip between grilling outside (not always easy to do in the Northwest) or order food in. Meal costs add up and diets suffer. Dishes and appliances aren’t available because they typically get put in storage. The result is simple tasks like a drink of water at night or a piece toast in the morning become almost impossible.

Blog Mobile Kitchen Cabinets TempKi ShortStop Solutions
Various appliances to help keep the family going.

Co-Owner Jacob Thompson recalls a recent discussion he had with  homeowners in Snohomish prior to the start of their much anticipated remodel. “They expressed their concern about losing the function of their kitchen for the entire duration of the remodel.  We put ourselves in our their shoes and realized we could do better. There is no reason that some kitchen functions such as small appliances, cabinets, and counter space had to be completely eliminated during the remodel.” The concept of the TempKi was born!

The temporary kitchen is just one aspect in our pursuit of a more comfortable remodeling experience we call ShortStop Solution Service. For this particular project we procured a set of stock cabinets and fitted them with casters for easy mobility. Any combination of the 4 cabinets can be reused and reconfigured on future projects. Next our carpenter added the molded countertop and adequate power strips. We added some kitchen appliances such as a toaster oven, quick crock pot, coffee maker, and microwave. Add in some basic cooking utensils, towels and cutlery and the TempKi is ready for use the day demolition is complete.

Blog Kitchen Design Build TempKi ShortStop Solutions
An Insta Crock Pot and space to spare.

Thompson says: “Once we got started planning the TempKi we had numerous ideas flooding in which I’m sure will be integrated into other TempKi setups in the future. It all depends on the homeowner’s needs and the availability of utilities which will remain in place during the remodel.” There are also ShortStop Solutions which we plan to offer into some of our bathroom remodels as well as whole house additions. The goal is to make the remodel as least impactful as possible for the families which we serve. For more information about the specifics of the TempKi or other Shortstop Solution Services please Contact Us, we’d love to hear your thoughts: 425-320-4786

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