Kitchen Design Guide

Time For a New Kitchen?

So you are sick and tired of your new kitchen…but where to start when it comes to designing your new kitchen.  One of the most exciting times of a kitchen remodel is the Design Phase. It’s a time when you begin to sketch out the floor plan and start clipping pictures from magazines. It’s where there are seemingly no limits on what can be done because your project is just an abstract idea that can be changed, tweaked, or enhanced depending on what inspiration comes your way.

There are a multitude of websites, magazines, and TV shows now devoted to kitchen themes, cabinet styles, hardware selection, color schemes and all things aesthetic and pretty. These outlets are great resources, however, there is a need to account for the details that ultimately make a kitchen function properly.   That’s why we have created our Kitchen Design Guide to help you formulate an accurate idea of what is possible within the walls of your new kitchen.

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