Senior Living Solutions

Legacy Caring Trusted Senior & Family ResourcesLet’s face it, our local population is getting older…we are all impacted in ways that are very personal.

We are proud members of “Legacy Caring” a network of professionals who specialize in helping seniors to remain in their home for a lifetime. Members have to PASS 7 Screening Steps.

We enjoy assisting seniors and their families by providing them with solutions that allow them to “age-in-place.” Making sure your home stays safe and comfortable is our job; you’ll  enjoy that the new upgrades will blend seamlessly with the existing home.

An aging in place retrofit can be anything from a handrail or grab bar install to a complete overhaul where we add a wheelchair ramp, widen doorways, or lower countertops. Each application is custom and requires attention to the homeowner’s specific needs.

We are well versed in the application of Universal Design. Codes are now requiring that new construction incorporate these methods on the front end so that when the time is right, retrofitting won’t be as impactful to your house and your budget. So even if you’re not looking that far out into the future, you can rest assured that we are.

To learn more about our Senior Living Solutions we invite you to Call Us Direct: 425 320-4786