Isn’t This the Type of Company You Want to Work With For Your Kitchen, Bath or Home Remodel?

At Home Run Solutions we provide you with a full range of remodeling services to upgrade and improve your home

A successful renovation starts with an emphasis on communication, respect and trust.

It’s a fact. If you’re thinking about a whole home renovation or adding an addition to gain more space you’re making a significant financial commitment.

These projects can get extremely complicated and complex. Unless your contractor has the real world experience and proven methods in place you could become another Remodeling Horror Story.

Our proven Home Run Method has been developed to ensure you that your project will go as smoothly as possible at every step and has earned us the reputation of building your project, just the way you want, on time and on budget.

Our Promise: You’ll Always Know What’s Going On With Your Project

We are happy to introduce BuilderTrend Online Remodeling Service into our Renovation Procedures.

BuilderTrend is cloud based software that gives a home to each detail of our client’s project including schedule, budget, material selections, photos, videos, emails, and much more! At the outset of the Pre-Construction Phase the homeowner is given an account which is also accessible to the general contractor, project lead, and any other authorized crew member or trade partner.

BuilderTrend keeps all the data, changes, and communication in one central, safe location which drastically improves communication, schedule & budget efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

You can proudly share process photos from BuilderTrend directly to all of their favorite social media sites.

BuilderTrend is compatible with cell phones, tablets, and laptops so you’ll always be able to check in on your project or make changes while you’re on the go. Your BuilderTrend account does not close after your project is complete so you’ll always have access to paint numbers, warranty info, and most importantly your project photos. BuilderTrend is sure to make our jobs easier and our customer’s lives happier!

When It Comes Kitchen and Bath Remodelers, We’re the ONLY Company In The State of Washington That Holds This Elite Certification

To our knowledge, we are the ONLY company is the entire State of Washington that is a Certified Kitchen & Bath Remodeler by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

In fact very few industry professionals nationwide hold this elite certification.

While any company can say they are Kitchen and Bath specialists, very few will dedicate the time, training and expense to earn it.

To Qualify For The CKBR Designation, We Must Meet All Of The Following Criteria Every Year:

  • A firm engaged in the remodeling of kitchens and bathrooms
  • Adhere to NARI’s Standards of Business Practices and Code of Ethics
  • Have a minimum of five years continuous experience in the remodeling industry
  • Have completed four kitchens and/or bathrooms per year
  • Completed 16 hours of continuing education
  • Successfully complete a one-day written examination on business, construction, and remodeling practices related to kitchen and bathrooms

Most Remodeling Companies Don’t Do This… And We’re Not Sure Why. It’s Just Common Sense Your Project’s Written Installation Processes

We found that most homeowners have a lot of questions about the process of installing their new kitchen, bathroom or addition.

We are proud to provide you with a detailed preparation and installation procedures for all the types of projects we offer.

Our processes will allow you to compare each proposal on an apples-to-apples basis.

If a contractor doesn’t offer their process, we recommend that you ask them to provide it so you can make the comparison but please don’t share ours. Don’t be surprised if the contractor doesn’t have a written process. Most don’t.

If a contractor is unwilling to do that, you probably shouldn’t give them serious consideration.

We believe that our processes provide our clients with assurance that their project will be completed according to a detailed plan that will meet or exceed their expectations.