Your livability is our top concern during a remodeling project. As a clean contractor we take pride in limiting the biggest threat to livability during a remodeling project: DUST!

That’s why we invested in the newest dust control technology to incorporate into our dust control plan and best practices. We can promise that by using the groundbreaking BuildClean Dust Control System we will capture and remove up to 90 percent of airborne dust that accumulates during your remodeling project.

Why is dust control important?

Because remodeling projects can stir up job-site dust that can include dirt and debris, organic matter, drywall, cement, silica and sawdust. With the BuildClean Dust Control System, we can collect dust at the point of generation and while it is still airborne, which is the most effective way to capture and virtually eliminate all types of worksite dust.

You are not just investing in a job well done, you also would like to maintain a great home life during the project as well. To provide you and your family with the best remodeling experience, from start to finish, we use BuildClean every time. Visit for more information.

BuildClean Features:

  • Keeps dust from settling where it shouldn’t-and from lingering in your home long after the work is complete
  • Provides healthier conditions for family and pets
  • Safeguards against particles and irritants like crystalline silica and lead
  • Protects sensitive electronics like computers and TVs

I would highly recommend Home Run Solutions, they were very courteous. I was most satisfied with Home Run Solutions because they were on time, friendly, and they always cleaned up after themselves and I did not have to deal with the dust. Home Run Solutions did my daughter and son-in-law’s kitchen and they did a great job.

-Diane, Snohomish WA.

Some other cutting-edge dust control tools we rely on are Festool Dust Extractors, Zip Wall Dust Barrier Systems, and 3rd Hand Magnetic Dust Barrier Door Systems from Fastcap.