We find that over the life of a home, it is the eventual kitchen renovation that is often the top priority.

We appreciate the fact that our client’s decision to begin a kitchen remodel is not simply made over-night. A functional kitchen needs to reflect the homeowner’s needs as well as style. Investing in your kitchen is always at the top on any statistical analysis showing the highest rate of return on dollars spent updating the most important room in your home.

As experts in kitchen renovation we take the time to make sure the smallest detail is addressed. The problem is however that the process can get overwhelming with so many style and price options for fixtures, counter-tops, lighting, flooring, wall coverings, cabinets and all the other details that go into a quality project.

With the help of our trusted network of suppliers we will assist you in finding the perfect fixtures and finishes to compliment your overall vision and keep your project within budget.

This is where Home Run Solutions and our unique approach to the remodeling process shine.

We’ve developed a detailed ninety-six step Kitchen Installation Process from initial design until final completion.

Not only will you know exactly what’s going to happen and when, we believe our process will ensure that your new kitchen will be installed on time, for the price quoted and will meet or exceed your expectations.

We’ve developed a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive from homeowners prior to the Design Phase of a Remodel.Take some time to go over this list and chances are you can find the answers to your construction questions.

A great way to see a full story from start to finish is to check out this wonderful Mill Creek Kitchen Remodeling project we recently completed. To view more pictures of our work, visit the Kitchen Gallery.

14 Kitchen Design Guidelines Illustrated Ebook Resource Remodel

Download the “14 Kitchen Design Guidelines, Illustrated” PDF to begin putting the pieces of your new kitchen together- today!