Who Will Lead Your Remodel Project?

Video Transcript:

Hey everybody, this is Joe Reed with Home Run Solutions. Hey, got something to keep in mind if you’re interviewing a perspective remodeling contractor for your project. Things may be going smoothly through the design phase and you got a good reference for them, and you’re hitting it off pretty well. Ask them however, once the project starts, “Who am I going to be seeing every day? Do you have an in-house employee that is going to be my point of contact, who’s going to be my lead carpenter on the project?” Or, is this going to be subcontracted out or, how do they manage their workload, how do they manage their projects? And, dig a little deeper into that because oftentimes, you’ll be working with an owner who does great work, however he’s grown so big and now he’s trying to fill the back log of work however he can. Especially in these booming times when the economy is good.

So, find out who is going to be that point of contact and make sure it’s one person in general. So, you don’t have a revolving door of subcontractors, which could lead to cost overruns and scheduling difficulties. So, just something to keep in mind, probe them on that to, don’t fall in love too much at the beginning. Also, keep your eyes on the project ahead of time. So, best of luck with your project. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Visit our website homerunsolutions.net. On that you’ll find a great pre-construction eBook that we call, “How to Hire a Contractor Without Contracting An Ulcer,” there are checklists, tips and good resources for things to ask and keep in mind when hiring a contractor to avoid any difficulties within your project.

Alright, best of luck. Thanks.

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