Now Here’s the Best Seat in the House…

More and more bathroom remodels are beginning to feature the same innovation and attention to detail that have long been devoted toward the kitchen. Lets face it, at the very least you’ll start and end your day in your bathroom and you should expect the same pampering in the bath as you’ve come to expect in the kitchen. Homeowners are already insisting that their bathroom makeover include many of the high tech products that I’m gonna list for you in the coming weeks. Get your pen and paper ready…Who am I kidding? Get ready to follow the links and start daydreaming about your new bathroom.

The Best Seat in the House: 

Toto, Neorest® 550H Dual Flush Toilet, 1.0 & 0.8 GPF

Toto Neorest 550h Dual Flush Toilet, 1.0 & 0.8 GPF

When it comes to comfort, cleanliness, and style this Toto toilet is the “Real King of Thrones.” Starting from the topdown, this one piece commode features Toto’s impressive lid which will automatically open, close, and flush as you come and go about your business. Below that is the advanced wash-let seat which has a multitude of deodorizing, warming, and wash settings that can be controlled remotely. This seat goes a long way to make sure you are sitting in comfort.

This unit is the definition of eco-efficiency. It starts with the toilet bowl itself in what Toto calls its SanaGloss ceramic glaze which creates an amazingly smooth surface which allows the toilet bowl to resist the adhesion of debris. Compared to competitive models, this toilet stays cleaner longer which puts less chemicals into the water system while saving you the hassle of breaking out the scrub brush as often.

Blog Bathroom Toilet Toto NeoRest
Toto’s Double Cyclone Diagrams

The self-cleaning features continue with the Cyclone double-siphon flush (dual flush options: 1.0 & 0.8 gallons per flush, respectively) system. The Cyclone is another environmentally friendly aspect of this toilet that also leaves the bowl cleaner. The downward flush design maximizes the force of gravity and is aided by 2 strategically located water nozzles, rather than rim holes, to direct water efficiently and effectively. This process uses less water in only one flush, rather than the multiple flushes that are needed with older toilets, to achieve the same results.

Lastly, the Neorest 550H, is equipped with Toto’s eWater disinfecting system. This unique breakthrough occurs when electrolyzed water is created as it comes into the toilet from the supply line. The Toto toilet detects when the toilet is about to be used. It pre-mists the bowl with eWater which proves to keep the bowl 80% cleaner than if were left bone dry. It then mists the bowl after the flush and again after each 8 hours of non-use. This application of electrolyzed water will to keep dirt from sticking to the toilet surface and again decreases the need for harsh cleansers.

Blog Contractor Mill Creek WA Toto Toilet eWater Remodel Service
Toto’s eWater Technology

This sleek model comes with an elongated bowl, built-in nightlight, and is available in two colors: #01 Cotton & #12 Sedona Beige. For more information including Toto’s innovations, installation instructions, and a full line of Toto Products go to

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